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AirBat Tool

AirBat Tool
By using Airbat you are now doing your part to keep highways safer by keeping your air brakes correctly adjusted. Check the specifications from your brake manufacturer. Keep your brakes adjusted to the recommended stroke. For example: a type 30 air chamber has only 2.5 inches of available stroke. Considering heat expansion, lining wear and heavy freight loads, you may need all 2.5 inches.

A five minute inspection and adjustment with the AIR BAT will keep your brakes properly adjusted. Just follow the simple instructions enclosed:

Step by Step Measurement

1) Chock Wheels
2) Build up to 100 lbs of air pressure and release parking brakes.
3) Put handle of tool at base of air chamber. On most trucks the clevis pin center lineshould be at the 2 and 5/8ths line on the tool. ON some trucks and most trailers you can make a mark on the pushrod at the 2 and 5/8ths line. (A piece of tape can be used as a marker).
4) With hands clear of the slack adjuster arm, have an assistant hold an 80 psi brake application (Foot pedal down to the floor). If the clevis pin center line or marker on the pushrod moves beyond the maximum mark on the tool for air chamber size used, brake adjustment is required.

To Adjust Brakes

1) Chock Wheels
2) Build up full air pressure and release parking brakes.
3) Use the wrench-end of tool located in the handle. Depress locking sleeve and turn slack adjusting screw to achieve 3/8" to 1/2" free travel on stroke. (Turn adjusting screw until brakes lock, then back off 1/4th of a turn or three clicks. Recheck free travel stroke.)

CDL Regulations require drivers to be able to check and adjust Air Brakes.
Check with your particular air brake manufacturer's specifications before making air brake adjustments.

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