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The AIR BAT (Air Brake Adjusting Tool) is a low-cost, easy to use tool that will help you check and adjust your brakes in the shop or on the road. This high quality, precision crafted tool has some very important benefits:

Your trucks contribute to making the highways safer by operating with properly
maintained air brakes.  The convenience and ease of operation make it easier to comply with increasingly stringent state and federal regulations regarding air brakes.

With this tool it only takes minutes to perform this critical maintenance job.
Brake inspectors are becoming more demanding and fines are on the rise for trucks that do not comply.  Properly adjusted brakes may also reduce maintenance and decrease costly downtime.

Can you afford not to keep brakes adjusted? Order your AIR BAT today at a price of only $19.95 plus $5.45 for shipping and handling.  The AIR BAT is designed for use with "S" cam brakes only. Patented and manufactured in the United States.

Three tools in one make it easy to check and adjust air brakes, meet safety standards and avoid fines.

Available as a 9/16" wrench for adjusting as shown. Part #526-1
With oversized round hole, not suitable for adjusting Part #526-2

WRENCH: Built in the handle of the AIR BAT is a precision crafted wrench used to turn the slack adjustment screw with 1/2" free travel, eliminating the need for a second tool.

CUSTOM FIT GRIP MEMBER: Grip and lever member makes it simple to grip and pull slack adjuster to check travel and moving parts.

PRECISION MEASURING DEVICE: The built-in measurement gauge accurately
measures air chamber piston rod travel by chamber size or by quarter inch increments.

The AIR BAT's space-efficient 8" length fits easily in your toolbox or cab.
Federal standards for a commercial drivers license require licensees to "determine the motor vehicle's brake system condition for proper adjustments" and to "operationally check the brake system for proper performance." (Sec. 383.113) Can you easily check and adjust your brakes?

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